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The building was built in 1968 by married couple Willy and Margarete Spiegel. Topping out in spring…

Hotel history

Eins, zwei, drei im Sauseschritt, eilt die Zeit, wir eilen mit. (One, two, three at a frantic pace, time rushes on, and so do we.) - Wilhelm Busch.

The foundation stone has been laid, husband and wife Willy and Margarete Spiegel build a hotel in Porz – Grengel for their son Werner and his wife Ursel. The topping-out ceremony takes place in spring 1968 and on 24 September 1968, the Hotel-Restaurant Spiegel opens its doors for its first guests.

Ursel Spiegel works on extending the private house

the restaurant is renovated and redesigned.

14 years after first opening, the entire building is extensively renovated. The rooms are completely renewed and fitted with bathrooms.

the Hotel Spiegel now has trainees

The entrance side to the building, before the new renovation and extension

a new lounge is completed

The diggers are back again, more building and extension work is being carried out. There are eight new double rooms in the extension.

The newly designed entrance to the hotel, below, the completely redesigned hotel lobby and a banquet table in the newly built lounge.

The redesigned terrace in the hotel garden

an extensive and laborious renovation of the hotel is undertaken.

The restaurant and lounge are being expanded and redesigned.

A conservatory with an open fireplace is added and a Japanese garden is created. The terrace is renewed at the same time.

35 years after first opening, the Hotel Spiegel shines with new splendour for its guests.

2004 to 2009
Continuous renovation of hotel rooms, new coats of paint, some new carpets, almost all rooms equipped with flat-screen televisions, new decorations and seating arrangements.

The new fire protection concept is implemented.

2012 to 2014
3 hotel rooms are thoroughly modernised together with their bathrooms and provided with high quality furniture.

The new satellite system now enables the reception of 110 channels from around the world.
All rooms have been equipped with a new locking system.
The mattresses are replaced and fitted with new hygiene-care covers.

Hallways and staircase are fitted with new carpets.
Free Wi-Fi is set up throughout the hotel.

Installation of a “Dachs” electricity supply/combined heat and power plant for the hotel

3 hotel rooms are cleaned and renovated, new bathrooms, carpets and decor.

Renovation and redesign of the breakfast room


The hotel
has been generating its own power since 2019

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